Battle Tapes Recording

The Scoop

Battle Tapes is an analog and digital recording studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

ROOM RATES with ENGINEER (hourly): Contact for Rates
Clients/Credits: PUJOL, Turbo Fruits, Bully, OGG, Fox Fun, Diarrhea Planet, D.Watusi, Hotpipes, Matt Moody, Hands Down Eugene, Bad Cop, LYLAS, Tristen, Action, Mock Orange, The Privates, Shoot The Mountain, Be Your Own Pet, Timbre, Apollo Up!, Festival, De Novo Dahl, Millionaire Musicians
Key Staff / In-House or Associated Talent: Jeremy Ferguson
Special Features: Analog Recording, Studer Tape Machine, Large Vinyl Collection, Residential Recording Studio, On-site Accommodations, WiFi, Large HDTV, Extensive DVD and Book library, Private Lounge, Nintendo Wii, Vintage Pinball Machines, Full Kitchen, Outdoor Grills, Client Lodging


Consoles, DAWs, Tape Machines: 16-channel Yamaha PM1000 console (with modded EQs and direct outs), 1973 Studer A80 MKII 16-track 2" tape machine, 1985 Scully 284b 1" 8-track recorder, Digidesign Digi002 with Pro Tools 9, Apogee Rosetta 800, Apogee AD8000, Apogee digital PSX100 2-channel a/d-d/a converter with clock source, PreSonus DigiMAX LT 8-channel A/D converter, Alesis Masterlink 9000, Tascam 424 Cassette 4-track, Roland vs-880expanded (8 tracks), Revox A-77 1/4" 2-track reel to reel, Various 1/4" 2-track reel to reel recorders
Outboard Gear: Shadow Hills "The Equinox" Summing Buss, Shadow Hills Gama mic pres, Helios-type 69 pre/EQ, 1176 compressor, Gates Sta-Level Compressor (modded to Retro specs), Phil Taylor Lektracoustics Flickinger 226-9 Limiter (1 of 3 reproduction 1966 Dan Flickinger limiter), Ampex 350 tube preamp, Flickinger lm 318 EQ, Chris Ivan custom mic pre, Vintech "dual 72" mic pre (replicas of the neve 1272 pres), Ampex 602 tube mic pre, Altec 1567a tube pre, Presonus MP20 Class A Solid State pre, PreSonus DigiMAX LT, 16 channel Mackie 1604 pres, CBS Audimax III Tube Vari-MU Compressor
Microphones: RCA 44bx Velocity Ribbon (Studio B Revision), Peluso P12 (AKG C12 replica), beyerdynamic M88, Shure SM-7, beyerdynamic SM57 clone, Shure Beta 52 2 Joesphsen e22, 2 Oktava 319 condensers, AKG 414c, 2 Neumann KM184 condenser, 2 Sennheiser MD421 dynamic, 2 Sennheiser MD504, AKG 52b, beyerdynamic M500 classic ribbon, beyerdynamic 420n, Shure SM57
Monitoring: ADAM P22 active monitors, Mackie HR824 active monitors, beyerdynamic DT150 closed ear phones, beyerdynamic DT770 closed ear phones, miscellaneous tracking headphones, Grado 335s
Software: Multiple Universal Audio UAD cards with extensive Plugin Collection (the best), Celemony Melodyne (in case you can't sing), AutoTune (in case you want to sound like Kanye), IK Multimedia Sampletron, Sonik Synth, Arturia MiniMoog, Native Instruments B4 Organs II, Elektrik Piano (Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clavinet), G-Force M-Tron Pro
Instruments & Amps: Moog Little Phatty Bob Moog Tribute edition, Hammond M3 Organ, Conn tube organ, Kurzweil PC88, Wurlitzer Model 4075 organ, Kimball Entertainer II organ (with Leslie), Spinet Piano, Yamaha Concertmate, Casio SK-1, Casio Casiotones, Rhodes Student Model, Yamaha CS80, Akai MPC 4000, Modular Moog, ARP 2600, Prophet 5; 2001 Gibson Les Paul Standard Lite (double cutaway), 1976 Gibson Marauder, 1978 Gibson Marauder (maple neck), 1979 Gibson "The Paul", 1997 Fender Jaguar reissue, 1979 Fender Telecaster ("heavy metal telecaster" with floyd rose bridge); 1960s Ludwig drum kit with 12" tom, 16" floor, 20" kick, 1960s Gretsch kick drum 30"x16", 1960s Ludwig 28" x 8" bass drum, 1970s Gretsch metal snare drum 14x5, 1970 Ludwig Acrolite (pre serial number olive badge with 60s hardware); Lots of Guitar pedals!