The Bomb Shelter

The Scoop

The Bomb Shelter provides fast and flexible top-quality recording with rates so low, you are afforded the time to discover and hone in on your personalized sound. Equipped with an awe-inspiring ensemble of classic analog recording gear, vintage instruments and effects units spread out over a number of rooms of varying acoustical attributes...

ROOM RATES with ENGINEER (hourly): $40-60,
Clients/Credits: The Ettes, Alabama Shakes, Tallest Trees, Love Out, Caitlin Rose, Magic Hammer, Buffalo Clover, The Parting Gifts, Jeffrey Novak, Jay Reatard, Fly Golden Eagle, Josephine Foster, Satchel Paige, The Paperhead, Matt Campbell, Hans Condor, Harrison Hudson, James Wallace, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Clear Plastic Masks, Blackfoot Gypsies, Nick Pagliari, Kai Welch, Jennifer Niceley, Liberty, Jacob Jones, The Vivs, Shanna Underwood, Evil Eyes, Allen Thompson, Moonshine Matinee, Stoned Soul Revival, Go Long Mule, Shannon Lee Briggs, MC Pale Horse
Key Staff / In-House or Associated Talent: Andrija Tokic


Consoles, DAWs, Tape Machines: 72-input MCI JH-600 console with 36 Channels of VCA Fader/Mute Automation, MCI JH-24 2" 24-Track Tape Machine, MCI JH-110 ½" 2-Track Tape Machine, Studer A807 1/4" 2-Track Tape Machine, Pro Tools TDM (64 Track with 32 channel I/O), Pro Tools LE (Heavily Loaded with Awesome Plug-Ins), Yamaha DAT, Tascam 234
Live Room Dimensions: Medium: 351 – 750 sq ft,
Outboard Gear: Vintech Audio Dual 72 (Neve 1272 replica | Class A, Discrete, Transformer Balanced Pre-Amp), 60?s Altec 342b (4 Channel All Tube Pre-Amp with classic Altec input transformers), 60?s Ampex Tube Pre-Amp, (2) API |212, Urei 1176, (2) Urei LA4, TLA Stereo Parametric Tube EQ/Mic Pre, TLA Stereo Tube Compressor/Mic Pre, Roland RE-201 Space Echo, Orban 111b Dual Spring Reverberation, Dolby 740 Spectral Processor, (2) Aphex Expressors Compressor/Limiter, Aphex 612 Expander/Gate, Aphex Aural Exciter Type C2 with Big Bottom, Drawmer DS 201 | Dual Gate, dbx 166, dbx 160x, Lexicon 224X, Lexicon MX200, Vintage Furman TX-3, PreSonus DigiTube, BBE 882i Stereo Sonic Maximizer, Symetrix 564 E Quad Expander/Gate, Rane ME 15 Graphic EQ, Digitech DSP 128 Signal Processor, Behringer Composer, Behringer Tube Pre/Limiter
Microphones: Neumann SM69, Neumann U67, Neumann U87, (2) Sony C-37, (2) AKG 414 CK-12, Electro-Voice RE-20, CAD e-300 Multi-Pattern Condenser, (2) CAD Trion 8000 Multi Pattern Tube, (2) CAD Trion 7000 Dual Element Ribbon, (2) Nady Ribbon, (2) Joe Meek Fet 47, (2) Joe Meek 27, (2) Audio-Technica 2050, (2) Audio-Technica/Digital Reference 2020, Audio-Technica 831 Lavalier, Shure Beta-57, Shure SM-57, Shure Beta-56, Sennheiser 441, Sennheiser E609, Sennheiser E602, (2) Audix D2, (2) EV table tops, CB Crystal Harp mic, Telefunken Crystal Harp Mic
Monitoring: Altec Lansing 9842-8A Far Fields With White 4400 Room Equalizers, Yamaha NS-10s, Optimus ProAv, Pioneer CS-G301WA (Consumer Style Reference), Bryston 4B, Haffler power amps
Instruments & Amps: Baldwin Model R Grand Piano, 70s Baldwin Acrosonic, 73 Rhodes Mark I, Wurlitzer Student Model, Hammond Model A /BV, Leslie 142, Farfisa, Hammond 8200 with Leslie, Vintage Stereophonic Optigan, Vintage PAIA 6780 Analog Synthesizer with 3 Oscillators, Vintage Analog CordoVox, 1950s Thomas All Tube Organ, Casio SK1 with Sampler; Guitars: ’57 Harmony Sovereign Steel String Acoustic, Early ’60's Hofner Nylon String Acoustic, Abilene Steel String Acoustic; ’68 Vox Super Lynx Deluxe | Semi-Hollow Electric, 60s Univox | Semi-Hollow Electric, 60?s Silvertone 1457 | Two Pickup Model, ’94 Fender Stratocaster Plus, ’83 Ibanez Roadstar, Ibanez Talman, Aria Pro II Thor-Sound; Drums: 5 Piece Gretch Catalina Drum Kit, 1980's 5 Piece Pearl Export Kit, Custom-Built and Gretch Snare Drums, Vintage drums by Slingerland, Ludwig, Rogers, Pork Pie Drum Throne And Lots of Percussion; Amps: Mid 70s Twin Reverb | Modded to Blackface, Sovtek Bassov Blues Midget, Sovtek Mig-50H, '72 Fender Bassman 100 | Silverface, Early '60s Gibson Falcon, Early 60s Harmony H400a | 25 watt 1×8, 50s Danelectro Challenger | 1×15, 1965 Ampeg B 15 N, Custom Built 2×12 | Loaded with Fender Blackface Era Jensen | Original Cones | Open-Back, Peavey Straight-front 4×12 | Celestion Vintage 30s, '65 Ampeg 1×15